Himanshi Mehta

Hi, I am Himanshi Mehta!

I currently work at Apple as an ML Research Engineer. I got my masters and bachelors degree from Purdue University. Before transferring to Purdue in my undergrad, I spent a year at IIT Bombay. I am interested in algorithms and machine learning. Right now I am in the Seattle area, if we share similar interests, I would love to chat!

Here is my CV. Please see below for my publications and some additional links!


P4-free partition and cover numbers
Alexander R. Block, Simina Branzei, Hemanta K. Maji, Himanshi Mehta, Tamalika Mukherjee, Hai H. Nguyen
ITC 2021. eprint.

On Efficient Distributed Coin-tossing Protocols
Hamidreza Amini Khorasgani, Hemanta K. Maji, Himanshi Mehta, Mingyuan Wang
ISIT 2021. pdf here.

(Authors listed in alphabetical order by last name.)

Work Experience

Research Assistantship
Summer 2021, Fujitsu Research of America | Advisor: Sarvagya Upadhyay
Summer 2020, Purdue University | Advisor: Kent Quanrud
Summer 2018, Saarland University | Advisor: Prof. Vera Demberg

Software Engineering Internship, Summer 2019, Salesforce

Teaching Assistantship
Spring 2021, CS 580: Graduate Algorithms | Instructor: Kent Quanrud
Fall 2020, CS 580: Graduate Algorithms | Instructor: Alexandros (Alex) Psomas
Spring 2020, CS 381: Undergraduate Algorithms | Instructor: Mikhail (Mike) Atallah
Fall 2019, CS 381: Undergraduate Algorithms | Instructor: Jeremiah Blocki

Selected Class Projects

PCP Theorem: Proof and Applications
CS 584: Complexity Theory, Fall 2020, Instructor: Simina Branzei.
Final report pdf here.

On Computing and Approximating Depth Reducing Sets in DAGs
CS 590: Passwords and Human Authentication, Spring 2020, Instructor: Jeremiah Blocki.
Project partner: Shubhang Kulkarni. Final report pdf here. Follow up work in progress.

Talks and Presentations

Presentations in Purdue Algorithms Reading group

I have co-organized Purdue’s Algorithms Reading Group for Spring 2020, Summer 2020, and Fall 2020 semesters.

  • Analysis of Boolean Functions, Slides | Fall 2020
  • Local search and greedy approximation algorithms | Summer 2020
  • PCP theorem and connection to hardness of approximation | Summer 2020
  • Algorithmic results in inclusion-exclusion, Slides | Spring 2020
  • Randomized algorithms for SAT, Slides | Spring 2020
  • LPs using multiplicative weights, fast exponential time algorithms, Slides | Spring 2020
  • Linear Probing with 5, 7-wise independence, Slides | Spring 2020
  • Hashing: Cuckoo hashing, power of two choices, Bloomier filters, Slides | Spring 2020
Class Presentations
  • CS 590: Passwords and Human Authentication. Presented approximation algorithms and hardness results for the depth reducing set problem | April 2020
  • CS 560: Reasoning about Programs. Presented algorithms used in SAT Solvers and some applications to Program Verification | April 2020
  • November 2019, CS 590: Randomized Algorithms. Presented algorithms for the Multi-armed Bandit problem. Slides. | November 2019

Himanshi Mehta
Email: himehta6<at>gmail.com
LinkedIn: Himanshi Mehta

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